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Max J. Van Praag

Max 1.jpg

Max has a lifelong passion

for relationship & power dynamics


for guiding people to 

authentic intimacy,

integration & healing.

Connected Golden Spheres

"Max is extremely psychic.

From the first few moments of our session, he was able to hone into the core of all my stories and challenges presented and work masterfully on the core area in my body and consciousness that was out of balance.

The reading and healing were profound, particularly as it relates to Sex, love, intimacy and power ! I look forward to our next powerful sessions and highly recommend him!"
---Natalie Greenwell, Psychotherapist, San Fransisco, CA

"PrivateMatters.TV is an exceptional gift for anyone wanting to take their relationship skills to a much higher level.
Not only is there a wonderful variety of experts interviewed but the quality of the information is so fresh and deep that it makes sense for most therapists to recommend the site to their clients! Several of the videos have given me personally new tools in which to understand my own relationship better, and to have more compassion for my partner.
Bravo Max !"
--- Suzie Heumann, founder

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